We offer products of natural origin. They are absolutely harmless, improve microbiological structure of soil and promote its decontamination.


Application of our biostimulants goes without extra expenses. It easily fits in standard agronomic practice: preparations can be applied in one mix with pesticides.


One dollar invested in our biostimulants will pay back 18-20-fold in extra yield with improvement of agriproduct quality.


The First World Congress in Strasbourg

The First World Congress on the use of Biostimulants in Agriculture.                 26-29 November, 2012, Strasbourg Congress Center, France.

More than 650 delegates representing 450 companies and organizations from 55 countries have took part in the Congress. Among them: 

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Plant growth regulators - new biological fertilizers?!

The combination of mineral fertilizers with plant growth regulators enables to reduce the volume of applied chemical fertilizers and plant-protecting agents, that essentially saves money invested in the         manufacture...

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